No examples of Street names when uploading photos Viciebsk

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Сообщение Katinka » 08 дек 2017, 23:01


there is a problem with uploading photos explicit to the City Viciebsk (and other cities that do use kyrillic alphabet).

When I want to upload a photo, the street name does not get found with the latin letters. It does not give me any examples. It worked very well with cities like Riga, Praha. But these are latin written.

What do you recommend me to do? I have only European keyboard. Must I copy the street names from somewhere and fill it in? I can do it this way but that way, the photo does not get connected with the database and other photos in it.

I hope, there is a way to work around with this! Best would be, if I click language anyways on English, that it also is able to use the English transliterations.


The other problem which I have seen after update:

I am not able anymore, to give numbers of multiple vehicles. If I have 2 vehicles on ONE photo I was able, to also specify both numbers or more. This, I can do not more. Also, this under using the website under English.

Thanks for help in advance

Michal Isakov
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Сообщение Michal Isakov » 09 дек 2017, 20:52

Katinka пишет:
08 дек 2017, 23:01

1. The problem really exists and we should develop some solution for it. As a workaround, you may use online keyboars for Russian and other languages. For example this one.

2. I've tested in English version in Opera 49.0.2725.47 and Chrome 62.0.3202.94 in English version and did not faced any issues. Please try clearing cache and/or using another browser.