Putting photos in the "miscellaneous" category

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Сообщение Katinka » 12 окт 2016, 22:11

I noticed, many members upload photos of certain squares etc. in the category "miscellaneous photos".

I want to upload a photo of a certain square in Gothenburg, but I can not find that category. After all, when I enter the upload process, I ONLY can upload photos of the trams and of maps. It is impossible to find all the other categories, which can be used.

Can you please explain me step by step, how I can find these category and upload a photo to it?

I have tried to use a category used by another member and change the city, but it did not work:

Unfortunatelly the description how to use these categories in English, does not exist.

Thank you for help in advance.

Michal Isakov
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Сообщение Michal Isakov » 12 окт 2016, 23:45

You can request creating required categories here, if they are missing. I've created this one for Gothenburg now.