Consensus on 3rd level counties and cities in China

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Сообщение jiachen » 30 апр 2023, 08:23 ... 2_in_China

I would like to ask for consensus on whether these should be included in the list of cities, or be listed under a 2nd level division city. Many upper level cities have a very large area, and can have a number of counties or cities under it, outside of the main urban area, perhaps up to hundreds of kilometres away from the urban area. This is somewhat different to the administrative divisions in other countries.
So, should these county-level cities have their own page or be part of the governing city's page?

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Сообщение focus1965 » 30 апр 2023, 22:30

These problems are really not just in China.
There are still numerous "areas" where a solution was found.
Examples: Paris, San Francisco, the Coastal line, Silezia, Rhein/Neckar...
About Paris (where I'm local editor): some years ago, it was easy: we took only the RATP (which operates in Paris) in the database. Now, RATP is only one of the many operators (like SNCF, Keolis and others) for Île de France Mobilités. The region is now more important than only Paris, and included many cities, like Versailles. Versailles was once a separate city in the database of Transphoto (with the old tram), now it's a part of the Paris region.
The same happened in the Rhein Neckar region (all the tram systems merged) and also for Essen and Mülheim. Köln and Bonn not: these are separate systems, even if some lines are operated in common.
Another example: Cairo / Helwan / Heliopolis: these are 3 different cities in the database, because these where 3 different systems, even Heliopolis and Cairo has (just as Köln and Bonn) common routes.

Then name and the location of the transportsystem is decisive. If another sysstem (by example an electric bus depot) exist somewhere at the end of a metro line (even far away), then you can add this system to the main city. You can do the same as by Rhein Neckar:
If the city (or location) has a own name and is not connected with the real (main) city then you can add this as a new city. Of course: this can change later, see Versailles and Essen and Mülheim: these 3 cities are no longer in separate formats.

I know it's sometimes difficult, but this is really not only the case for China. In the Netherlands, regional buses (which come also in the cities) are now also electric, but in some cases it's not so easy to find the correct way to determinate the place:

It's very difficult to give a rule. I gave you some examples, but don't hesitate to contact me or an administrator if you have some questions.