Škoda 15 Tr subtypes

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Сообщение Edelweiß » 04 фев 2023, 17:11

Hello dear staff,

In the book "85 years of production of Škoda trolleybuses" I have found some errors with some of Škoda 15 Tr subtypes used in the catalog.

The last Škoda 15 Tr trolleybuses with old design made in 1994/95 delivered to Chomutov are subtyped in the book as "15 Tr 13/7". This entire subtype mark doesn't exist in the catalog. Instead, the vehicles are marked as Škoda 15 Tr 11/7, which leads to next error :
Subtype "15 Tr 11/7" is not even mentioned in the book. The closest marking to those vehicles appears to be "10/7". I saw this mark on vehicles delivered to Košice, and it should be right even for those delivered to Žilina and České Budějovice, since they are identical.

Also, I have found next interesting facts stated in the book, such as :
Subtype "15 Tr 09/7" is used for all 65 vehicles delivered to Teheran. For unknown reason, half of those vehicles are marked as "10/7" in the catalog, which is wrong.
Subtype "Škoda 15 TrMM" is not official marking. Those last two Škoda 15 TrM delivered to České Budějovice with numbers #56 and #57 are marked as "15 Tr 13/7M.

The most interesting thing I found out in the book is that even the first two Škoda 15 Tr prototypes had an subtype. Since they were based on Škoda 14 Tr 01 series, they appear marked as "15 Tr01".

Of course, there may be even more information outside the book. Its known in general that marking used by Škoda was kinda chaotic, especially with Škoda 15 Tr, since they do not appear chronologically.